Erika Haight

Among her many other Western subjects, Erika Haight of Roundup, Montana, has devoted the past decade documenting and spending time with her adopted Crow family. Her traditional black & white photographs evidence the Crow nations by-gone traditions and what remains in their absence. A celebration of human resilience, family, and a rich cultural heritage.  Intimate moments of children at play, portraiture, and a glimpse into reservation life.

Erika has won numerous photography competitions and her work has been featured in myriad publications.  A storyteller through still images, she combines a bold and clean perspective of the camera, using negative space and framing to elicit strong emotional response.  Her work is both modern and timeless–historically significant in the context of our times.

“I believe that black and white images remove distraction, forcing the viewer to look past outward appearances and into the soul of the subject.” ~ Erika Haight